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Frequently asked questionz

How long does it take to receive a response after I submit a form?

Response times vary heavily based on the amount of forms submitted within the week, as well as days off, holidays and sick days. Please be patient after you submit your form as I have limited time to respond as well as Caitlin (our shop manager). Caitlin responds to the majority of my submissions as well as manages the shop and a few other artists bookings. She is at the shop Tuesday-Saturday 11-7, so any requests outside of those times will not be answered immediately. Please keep in mind we are both doing our best to respond in a timely manner, but sometimes receive larger volumes of submissions at once. If you don't hear back from us within 1-2 weeks, please reach out to me on instagram as it may have been lost or missed.

My tattoo is missing a line, what do I do?

Book in for your free touch up! If the piece was tattooed by me within the past year, you're entitled to a touch up, free of charge. Tattoos don't look the exact same healed as they do fresh, but if you notice any inconsistencies or a patchy line, please reach out! 

How long does a tattoo take to heal?

The healing process varies from person to person. With the right aftercare, tattoos typically heal within 3-4 weeks. Larger, solid color/solid black tattoos generally take longer to heal than smaller/lighter or linework tattoos. If you believe your tattoo isn't healing correctly or looks unusual, please reach out. It's always better to ask for a second opinion.

How do I book flash?

You can check out my "UP4GRABS" story highlight on instagram to see available designs and include which piece you wanted in your booking form description (i.e "Lady with sword flash piece") Please include placement if possible. Most flash pieces are at a pre-determined size, but may be able to be adjusted, as long as detail is not affected. If the price of the piece is stated on the design post, it is for the pre-determined size. Changes to sizing may result in a change in cost.

When will I see my design?

Most of the time, I do not draw  in advance. I typically head to the shop a couple of hours early to draw my appointments for that day. If you are getting a large scale piece that isn't realism, I may discuss drawing in advance and giving you a peek at the design ahead of time. If you are apprehensive about not seeing the design in advance, I apologize. This is the way designing works for me. If you arrive to your appointment and would like to make small changes to what I have drawn, I will be more than happy to (please don't be afraid to speak up). If the design is not meeting your expectations in general, we can discuss rescheduling or allow an hour or so for me to redesign. Upon booking your appointment and paying the deposit, the subject matter of the design previously discussed is final. If you wish to add/change elements to the design discussed in our emails, please let me know so (at the very latest) the day before. I am very flexible as I know my designing process does not allow you to see your design prior to your appointment day and I want you to be happy with your design.

Please remember, tattoos are PERMANENT. If it's not a "hell yeah!" its a "hell no!" 

Got a question I haven't answered? Send me a message!

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